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How to pledge!

So you want to pledge to a project on pledge me?

1. Find your project!

Find the project page you're looking to back, and make sure you're logged in or signed up!

Already logged in? Move on to step 3.

2. Log in or sign up!

Log in through PledgeMe, use your Facebook account, or create a new account!

3. Choose your reward!

Most project-creators will offer a variety of rewards to backers. Choose a reward and amount that you're happy with.

4. Confirm your pledge!

If you're to be receiving a physical reward, and you haven't already, you'll add your address at this point so you can receive your goodies later.

Feel free to increase your pledge here, too! Every little bit counts!

5. Pledge now!

Leave a personalised message, add your credit card details, check you've read the Terms of Service, and choose whether you'd like to be pledge anonymously or not.

You're done! Great job! Spread the word, and feel free to share this guide with those who'll soon be pledging, too!

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