So you want to invest in an Equity campaign on PledgeMe?

Part One: Register

1. Log in:
Go here to log in:
If you haven't yet created a PledgeMe profile, create an account.

2. Register as an investor:

a. Go here to create your investor profile:

b. Provide your full name, date of birth, and contact phone number. Make sure to enter your name exactly as it appears on your ID (including your middle name, if you have one). 

c. Then you will need to select your Residential Status. If you're an international investor, you will need to confirm that you are a wholesale investor and legally allowed to invest in your home country.

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 5.35.38 PM.png

d. Enter your address information. If you are international, you will need to attach a PDF proving your address. Your proof can be a photo or scan of a letter with your name and address on it (it needs to be official - a utility bill, bank statement or letter from a local council or government organisation from within the last three months)

e. Enter your ID details. You’ll need a current New Zealand driver’s licence or passport to enter, or select Other and attach a PDF of international identity documents to upload. If you are an international investor, make sure to attach both your proof of address and identity documentation . If you forget, you will get an error message and need to upload both documents again. 


3. Read and understand:
You’ll be faced with the risks of investment, the disclosure statement, and the investor terms and conditions. You must confirm that you are ok with each agreement. 

4. Get your confirmation email:
Nope, you didn’t skip anything. It’s really that simple.


Part Two: Invest

1. Go to the campaign page you would like to invest in.
2. Click the Make a Pledge button.

3. Then you enter your investment amount. Ensure that you pledge more than the minimum amount, and that you pledge the correct value for the number of shares you wish to purchase. (eg. $1,500 if you wish to pledge for 10 shares at $150)

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 5.59.50 PM.png

4. Confirm your payment method (Direct Deposit or Credit Card). You will be required to provide your credit card details as back up, and if your card is charged will pay a 2.5% + 25c transaction fee. You will be required to pay for your pledge within ten working days after the campaign meets its goal and your identity has been verified. If the goal is not met by the deadline, you will not be charged.

Congratulations! You’re (nearly) an investor in a New Zealand company. Once the campaign has met it's deadline and goal, we will verify your identity and process your pledge. We may be in touch for more information if we are unable to verify your identity or address based on the information provided. 

What does it mean to be an investor? Read more here.