What is it?

What is Crowdlending?

Crowdlending helps Kiwis fund the companies and organisations they care about. PledgeMe.Lend helps organisations harness the power of their crowd and raise capital, without the restrictions, burdens and smoke and mirrors of traditional borrowing. An organisation’s crowd can lend it money and the organisation pays their crowd back with interest. Borrowers can raise up to $2 million in a 12 month period through a licensed platform (like us). The space is regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) via The Financial Markets Conduct Act 2014 which deals with this type of capital raising.

Is a loan from your crowd for you?

If your organisation is looking to raise capital to grow and thrive then a crowdlending campaign could be for you!

Any suitable organisation — from companies to co-ops, schools to societies — can go out to their crowd of supporters, customers, and networks and ask them to lend some cash. 

That loan needs to be for a concrete aim. It might be something as simple as a bridging loan to cover costs or it might be something that will save you money in the long run like upgrading your technology. A discrete bit of work you can clearly articulate to your crowd — what’s the benefit to you, and how you’ll pay them back.

On that note, borrowing with PledgeMe.Lend will only work for organisations which have an ability to show they will be able to pay back the loan to their crowd. Take yourself to our Campaign Readiness Evaluation for Debt (CRED) to see if you’re ready to borrow.

Not to worry if you’re not ready. Take a look at running a project or equity crowdfunding campaign with us instead. We’d be happy to chat with you about how you can use the different PledgeMe options to reach your goals.


For Borrowers

CrowdfundingU $750 + GST for campaigns looking to raise under $100,000, or $3,000 + GST for campaigns looking to raise more than $100,000
(Paid before campaign starts).

Success fee 5.5% of total raised
(zero rated).

For an organisation that borrows $100,000 through their crowd, they’ll pay: 

  • $3,000 upfront for our CrowdfundingU programme.
  • $5,500 once they raise their goal.
  • The only ongoing fee that borrowers will have throughout the life of the loan, is the interest that they'll pay to their lenders.

For Lenders

Credit card fee 2.5% + 25 cents per transaction
(if they choose to pay by credit card).

Repayment fee 1% of principle repayment.

For an organisation that borrows $100,000 through their crowd:

  • Lenders will pay a combined total of $1,000 throughout the life of the loan as they are gradually repaid.