Kia ora, 

Welcome to PledgeMe’s handy guide on crowdlending campaigns. 

We’re really excited you are considering going out to your crowd for a loan. You’re definitely in the right place. This guide will help explain the ins and outs of what you need to get ready, and answer any manner of questions you may have. PledgeMe is here to help. We’re pretty good at it, too.

We have already helped hundreds of PledgeMe.Projects and PledgeMe.Equity campaigns raise millions of dollars in New Zealand. 

We put that experience to work for you in CrowdfundingU, our crash course in running a PledgeMe.Lend campaign. We’ll help you plan and provide feedback on effective pitches, videos, and (almost) anything else you need to make your campaign awesome. We don’t pick and choose who should run a campaign, we let the crowd decide. 

So if you’re looking for a loan and have a business plan, financials, and — most importantly — a crowd, then you’re in the right place. PledgeMe’s platform helps you go out to your crowd to grow and meet your business goals. Because we are regulated by the Financial Markets Authority we have a duty to understand your offer (offer = what investment folk call a campaign) and understand your background. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from borrowing and we’ll help you present your offer professionally and transparently to potential lenders. 

We hope you find our How to PledgeMe guide helpful and if you have any further questions please get in touch.

Anna and the PledgeMe team.