So you want to lend to a Lending Campaign on PledgeMe?

Part One: Registering

  1. Log in:
    Go here to log in:
    If you haven't yet created a PledgeMe profile, click "Sign Up" and create an account.

  2. Create your investor profile:
    Go here to create your lender profile:
    You’ll need a current NZ driver’s licence or passport, and to remember when your birthday is. Make sure to enter your name exactly as it appears on your ID (including your middle name, if you have one) and your correct income tax rate.
    If you're an international investor, you'll need to make sure you are allowed to lend.

  3. Read and understand:
    You’ll be faced with the risks of investment, the disclosure statement, and the lender terms and conditions. You must confirm that you are ok with each agreement.

  4. Get your confirmation email:
    Nope, you didn’t skip anything. It’s really that simple.


Part Two: Lending

Pledge to lend.png
  1. Go to the campaign page you would like to lend to.

  2. Enter the amount that you would like to lend. Make sure that you've entered over the minimum pledge amount, and that you have just entered numbers (no punctuation). 

    Then click pledge.

  3. Confirm whether you will bank transfer the pledge, or enter your card details. You will be required to pay for your pledge three working days after the campaign meets its goal. If the goal is not met by the deadline, you will not be charged. 

    Congratulations! You’re (nearly) a lender to a New Zealand company. Once the campaign has met its deadline and goal, we will verify your identity and process your pledge. We may be in touch for more information if we are unable to verify your identity or address based on the information provided.