So you want to invest in an Equity campaign on PledgeMe?

Part One: Create

    1. Log in:
      Go here to log in:
      If you haven't yet created a PledgeMe profile, click "Sign Up" and create an account.
    2. Create your investor profile:
      Go here to create your investor profile:

      You’ll need two forms of current identity, which could be any two of the following: a Australian driver’s licence, Australian passport, Medicare Card, bank statement, utilities receipt. Make sure to enter your name exactly as it appears on your ID (including your middle name, if you have one). We are required to obtain this information from every investor to meet our obligations under Australian anti-money laundering legislation. We also advise you to read our Investor Terms before registering to invest.

      If you're an international investor, you'll need to make sure you are allowed to invest in Australian equities.
    3. Read and understand:
      You’ll be faced with the risks of investment, the disclosure statement, and the investor terms and conditions. You must confirm that you are ok with each agreement. 
    4. Get your confirmation email:
      Nope, you didn’t skip anything. It’s really that simple. Note that we will not check your identification details until an equity campaign you have pledged to meets its goal.

    Part Two: Invest

    1.  Go to the campaign page you would like to invest in. Please read all information on the campaign, ask the campaigner questions and take note of our warning statement about equity crowdfunding (see footer of our website).
    2. Enter the amount that you would like to invest. Make sure that you've entered over the minimum pledge amount, and that you have just entered numbers (no punctuation). 
      Then click pledge.
    3. You will be asked to confirm you will pay for your pledge by bank transfer. You will be required to pay for your pledge three working days after the campaign meets its goal.
    4. Congratulations! You’re (nearly) an investor in an Australian company. Once you have confirmed your pledge, you will receive an email and will be able to see the pledge details in your profile. You will not receive payment instructions until after the campaign has closed (and met its minimum goal).
    5. Once the campaign has met its deadline and goal, we check every equity pledger’s identity against a verification database by uploading the information that you provided us when you signed up to PledgeMe. This is a requirement we must follow under Australian anti-money laundering legislation. No matter how big or small your investment is, we are required to check your identity if you have pledged to an equity campaign. It can take a few working days to get through everyone. You are not required to do anything during this process; we will be in touch with you if we need further information. You can read more about our compliance measures in our Investor Terms.
    6. We may be in touch for more information if we are unable to verify your identity or address based on the information provided.  Note that under Australian law, you have cooling off rights of 5 working days, after which you are legally bound to complete your pledge. Once we have processed your pledge, we will send you payment instructions. You have ten working days to make the payment.
    7. Once you have been verified by PledgeMe and your payment has gone through, the campaign creator will take over. You will be contacted by them once they have confirmed you as a shareholder and updated their shareholder register. If you have any shareholder-related questions (including a request to transfer shares), get in touch with the company.