Crowdfunding U(niversity)

First time running an equity crowdfunding campaign? Want to make it a success? Well pack your lunch cos it’s back to the books.


In 2015 & 2016 PledgeMe helped 17 businesses equity crowdfund.

While every company and organisation is different, there are a lot of common areas where they need guidance and support. With our experience, and feedback from our crowd of equity campaigners, we've pulled together this six week programme to help companies equity crowdfund.

Whether you’re a company wanting to raise a million dollars and make a media splash or just want to do a private friends & family round Crowdfunding U can help ready your business and more effectively communicate what you’re up to.

The programme

The programme focuses on the two key elements to a successful campaign.


Preparing your:

1)  Pitch to raise money

2) Crowd to invest  


Over six weeks you’ll complete:

  • Understanding Equity Crowdfunding

    • What is crowdfunding

    • What are the ingredients needed to run a successful campaign


  • Mapping your Crowd

    • Who is your cornerstone crowd

    • What channels you currently use to connect with them (and could use)


  • Readying your Company

    • What documentation you need

    • What your offer will look like


  • Activating your friends, family, followers, customers & fans (Your Crowd)

    • Tips for effective communication to people you know (and don’t)

    • Tools you should use

    • A Pitch Kitchen with some of your cornerstone crowd


  • Pulling together your pitch

    • How to create a campaign video

    • How to write a press release and pitch to media

    • Preparing your final campaign page

    • Finalising your information memorandum


  • Launching your campaign

    • How to organise investor events

    • Communications during your campaign: updates and responding to questions


The sessions are designed to be part teaching/part doing, with weekly homework to complete. By the end of the programme a company will feel ready to show New Zealand (or just their family and friends) what they’re up to, and invite their crowd to invest.


This six week programme costs $750 + GST for campaigns aiming to raise under $100,000, and $3,000 + GST for campaigns aiming to raise over $100,000. If this is your first time crowdfunding, you’ll be required to run through this course before running your equity campaign.

There may be additional costs to launching and running your campaign after Crowdfunding(U) which may include: legal, accounting, design and events.


How it works: Capability Vouchers for CrowdfundingU

Our CrowdfundingU service is registered under the Regional Business Partner network, meaning companies can apply to have the cost of the course half paid with a capability voucher issued by their local economic development agency.

Here is the service:

How do you get vouchers?

If you already have a customer manager at your local Economic Development agency, give them a call or email to chat about getting capability vouchers to help with capital raising. Feel free to mention our service to them during the discussion. You can receive up to $5,000 per year in matched funding.

If you don’t have a customer manager yet, the first step is to register as a business. Your local Regional Business Partner will be in touch to set up a meeting. Here’s the contact list of all the agencies if you need to follow up.

Once the Regional Business Partner has decided to support your company with capability vouchers, send us an email. We will create an event for you in the system, send you the details, and get you to book the service.

Once booked, we’ll generate an invoice for you to pay, and set the first date for CrowdfundingU.


Are you ready to join the class of 2016??

Drop us a line to chat more about this programme or equity crowdfunding with PledgeMe.



Parent Interviews


Parent Interviews raised over $50,000 from their crowd to fund the tech-startup’s customer acquisition phase. Co-founder Indy Griffiths, the world’s youngest successful equity crowdfunder, activated his existing networks to make this campaign a success.

Sorbet (Ethique)


Brianne West’s solid cosmetics company raised $200,000 by engaging customers. Over 65% of Brianne’s investors were people who bought her healthy and sustainably sourced products. Sorbet’s campaign shows the power of activating your crowd.

Yeastie Boys


Yeastie Boys raised $500,000 through their crowd in less than 30 minutes. But running the campaign, they not only hit their goal but raised the company’s profile. They now have 200+ shareholders spreading the Yeastie Boys word. Their campaign was successful due to Yeastie’s careful planning and effective communication with their crowd.