Crowdfunding University

First time running an equity crowdfunding campaign? Want to make it a success? Well pack your lunch cos it’s back to the books.



We've helped over 25 organisations run crowdfunding campaigns in New Zealand - and now Australia:

While every company and organisation is different, there are a lot of common areas where they need guidance and support. With our experience, and feedback from our crowd of campaigners, we've pulled together the CrowdfundingU programme to help organisations crowdfund.

Whether you’re a company wanting to raise a million dollars and make a media splash or just want to do a private friends & family round CrowdfundingU can help ready your business to more effectively communicate what you’re up to.


The programme

There are two versions of the programme:

  1. Small campaigns: this is a two session course covering your plan and your pitch. You will learn the basics needed to run a successful equity campaign.
  2. Large campaigns (aiming to raise over AU $100,000): this is a six session programme that works with you and your team to prepare a comprehensive capital raising plan. 

You can read the full programme plan here




The programme costs AU$750 + GST for campaigns aiming to raise under AU$100,000, and AU$3,000 + GST for campaigns aiming to raise over AU$100,000. If this is your first time crowdfunding, you’ll be required to run through this course before running your campaign.

There may be additional costs to launching and running your campaign after CrowdfundingU which may include: legal, accounting, design and events.


Are you ready to join the class of crowdfunding?

Drop a line to to chat more about this programme or crowdfunding with PledgeMe.